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Mirrormont is Home for a Firry Sasquatch

By Kristin Bartholet 

In the fall of 2014, it became necessary to take out a giant Cedar tree, which was leaning precariously toward our house by the edge of our driveway. Sadly, right next to it, stood a 170’ Douglas Fir. Although in seemingly good health, it would not be safe standing alone after remov-ing its supporting Cedar “friend.” The fir tree was big and strong and straight, and the tree climber that eventually ascended it proclaimed it to be the tallest tree around.

We were distraught at the thought of taking out this beauty, which had probably stood for over 100 years. How could we honor it? Two things came to mind. Dry the wood, mill it and create furniture or a small structure, or leave a good amount of the base intact, to be carved. We chose the latter.

In March of the following year, after interviewing several carvers, we settled on Mr. Alex Precob, an artist (paintings mostly) and former tree cutter, originally from Moldova. We love bears, but that was too common. Sea creatures are cool but out of place in the woods. My thought was a fairy house with windows and wired with real lights. When Sasquatch was mentioned, Alex’s eyes lit up. Big Foot it would be!

A couple of weeks later, Alex arrived in his big red truck with scaffolding, an assortment of chainsaws, precise carving tools, wood burner and his dad as help and support. Except for a few requests like a happy face, and six-pack abs, we gave Alex, the expert, artistic license. Up went the scaffolding and three days later, Doug was born!

At nearly 12’ off the ground, a sheepish grin on a charmingly happy face, true Sasquatch features such as long arms, narrow shoulders, huge feet and toenails, and one amazing six-pack, he is a thing of beauty. Doug greets all who enter our property, some-times adorned with festive holiday embellishments. Through sun and rain, snow and wind, Doug is always there. We love the guy, and hope you do, too. Come by 14930 251st Pl SE, shake Doug’s hand, snap a pic and just plain enjoy! We sure do!

See for the time-lapse video of Douglas being carved.


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