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Photo-history of Mirrormont Pea Patch



In June 2009, the MCA was awarded a grant for $10,000 from King County Partnerships and Grants, which was a matching grant designed to save the county money by depending upon volunteer labor to accomplish the project. But work on the garden began in April 2009 to clear the land, thanks to the kindness of Mirrormont Country Club, who owns the land.

During weekly work parties in 2009, through good weather and bad, we cleared blackberries, removed debris from the site, pulled stumps, leveled and rototilled the ground, installed a French drain, and harvested a lot of rocks. While the thorny blackberries fought back, we emerged scratched but victorious.

First Work Parties: Clearing Himalayan blackberries and alders

Grant Signing!

Pulling Out Stumps

Installing French Drain

Rototilling & Harvesting Rocks

Sheet-mulching to Suppress Blackberries & Provide Paths

Project Team: Linda Shepherd (Project Manager), Terry Garrido, Kevin & Diane Mashek, Betsy Dahlstrom, Yvette Cardozo, Liz Bromley, Bryan Stempson, Lisa & Ray Roberts, Jim & Maggie Warren, Carol Vekich, Maryfrances Lignana, Sue Kenfield, René Kristof

Carol Vekich & Terry Garrido


During this period, we added an access road to the back gate, built 24 raised beds, installed deer and rodent fencing, filled our plots with Cedar Grove Vegetable Garden Mix generously donated by Cedar Grove, installed a drip irrigation system, and held a plant sale to raise money for a shed.

Adding a Back Access Road to the Park

Project Team: Meg Wade, Linda Shepherd, Ben Pinsky, Terry Meyer

Building Raised Beds

Project Team: Betsy Dahlstrom with Kevin Mashek (Project Managers); Diane & Alec Mashek, Liz Bromley, Carol Vekich, Yvette Cardozo, Chrissie Dahlstrom, Linda Shepherd

Liz Bromley, Betsy & Chrissie Dahlstrom building raised beds in Yvette Cardozo’s “barn” with lumber from Issaquah Cedar & Lumber

Kevin & Diane Mashek, Yvette Cardozo: sawing and loading raised bed frames

Betsy Dahlstrom, Linda Shepherd, Yvette Cardozo, Liz Bromley, Kevin Mashek celebrate completion of 24 raised beds.

Deer Fence & Rodent Barrier Installation

Fence Installation Team: Joe Lapping (Project Manager), Chas & Meg Wade, Linda Shepherd, Betsy Dahlstrom—March 10, 2010

Installing Drip Irrigation System—April 10, 2010

PLANTING! and Plot Styles

Yvette Cardozo’s bed with potato towers and protected tomatoes

First Pea Patch Plant Sale to raise money toward a tool shed

Shed Raising

Project Team: Joe Kristoff (Project Manager); Ross Kristoff, Helen Radliff, Gerard Jancoski, Chris Homanics

Compost Bins

Project Team: Chris Homanics (Compost Chief), Linda Shepherd, Rick Quandt

Community Herb Garden

Project Manager: Linda Shepherd

Bountiful Produce

Barb Faber’s plot during the salad days of summer

Harvest basket of kale, Violet Podded Stringless Beans, basil, and SunGold tomatoes

Photo taken from same spot as the first posted photo in 2009, clearing blackberries

First Annual Pea Patch Plot Pickin’ Potluck Party

Summer potluck at Maryfrances Lignana’s home: Carol & John Vekich, Carol Homanics, Yvette Cardozo, Cindy Wood & her granddaughter, Lynn Powalicz, Mitra Mohandessi

Bryan Beatty’s Drone Photo, August 2018


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