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Mirrormont Community Association

Mirrormont was founded in 1962 and the Mirrormont Community Association (MCA) formed over time. It officially incorporated as a 501(c)(4) in 1990. Membership is voluntary, and is open to anyone over 18 years of age who either resides in or owns property located within the Mirrormont, Colleen, or Haas precincts of King County, or the immediately adjacent areas.

The MCA is an organization of interested residents who work together on community projects and neighborhood concerns to promote the common good and general welfare of the residents of Mirrormont. All dues-paying MCA members are able to participate in all MCA-sponsored events.

Membership dues support the maintenance and development of common areas we enjoy throughout the neighborhood – from maintaining the signs and surrounding landscaping at the front entrance off of Issaquah-Hobart, to property-enhancing amenities such as Mirrormont Park. In addition, the MCA sponsors community-building events and services, including:

  • Community Picnic & Swim

  • Chipper Days/Firewise Program

  • Community Garage Sales

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Halloween Parties

  • Historic Homes Tour

  • Holiday Adult Social

  • Mirrormont Garden Tour

  • Mirrormont Park

  • Mirrormont Pea Patch

  • Safety/Emergency Preparedness

  • Speaker Program

  • Spring Clean Up & Adopt a Road

  • Welcome Program

Membership dues are assessed annually in the amount of $50.00 per calendar year, payable January 1 of each year.  Purchase your membership online here, or send payments to: MCA Membership, PO Box 476,  Issaquah, WA 98027-0476. 


Monthly Community Association meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Mirrormont Country Club, 25500 SE Mirrormont Drive.  All community members are invited. Please become involved. You can share ideas, provide feedback, or just sit back, meet new neighbors, and learn a lot. Public comment often makes for a lively and informative opening. Don’t worry; you won’t get volunteered for something just for attending (but you’re welcome to if so moved!)


King County’s Mirrormont Park is easily the most serious and fabulous undertaking by the MCA to date. While it now seems like it has always been there, our 11-acre park is a recent addition to the community. In 1999 MCA volunteers began to work through legal and financial hurdles, then managed the construction, until 2008’s Grand Opening Community Picnic in the Park. The park continues to be maintained by volunteers who spread chips and gravel on paths, cultivate the native plants, weed, and remove invasive plants. King County mows the grass and tends to hazardous trees. In 2014 the MCA Park Committee received a grant from Washington Native Plant Society to create signs and a guidebook for 40 native plants. For more, see the Park webpage.

Many volunteer hours of hard work were put into creating the park, and volunteers continue to maintain it in cooperation with King County. Take a stroll through our beautiful 11-acre park – the crown jewel in what is already a gem of a neighborhood.


Mirrormont Pea Patch was created under the umbrella of the MCA and is now self-sustaining. Everyone is welcome to roam through the Pea Patch garden to see what is possible to grow in your home vegetable garden and purchase Tiger Mountain-grown perennials and vegetable starts at the annual organic plant sale. MCA members are eligible to apply for garden plots.


Join today and help support our community!




















MCA Advocacy

  • Prevented a nearby gravel quarry

  • Successfully lobbied against a maximum security prison nearby

  • Initiated a class action suit against Pipeline Systems for leaking oil.

  • Installed a TV translator tower to receive Channel 9 before cable

  • Advocated for King County to install a storm drain to prevent flooding of homes

  • Advocated for Washington Natural Gas to extend their services to Mirrormont

  • Contested expansion & re-zoning of Hayes Trucking, preventing an industrial corridor along Issaquah-Hobart

  • Advocated for King County DOT to upgrade road services in Mirrormont, particularly snow removal


Dues must be paid in order to participate in community events like the Spring Clean-up, Garage Sale, and MCA-sponsored social events. Just $50 a year!

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