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Spring Clean-up is MCA’s Biggest Event

Spring Clean-up began in the 1980s to help residents rid their property of unwanted and difficult to dispose of items. We have expanded our services to include electronics recycling and  shredding.  We emphasize Reuse & Re-cycle and encourage people to find new homes for good items using Nextdoor Mirrormont, BuyNothing, Craigslist and our MCA website.

To further this theme, we now have the Garage Sales the week prior to the Spring Clean-up. Packets given to Garage Sale hosts include a Reuse/Recycling flyer to help them recycle unsold stuff.

Consider volunteering for the Spring Clean-up to help organize, publicize, set up tables, provide canopies, pick up large items curbside, load dumpsters, and check in participants. We need more volunteers in the afternoon to help load the dumpster. And please don’t “after-hours dump”! Anyone caught doing this may be publicly shamed. 😉  Volunteers are rewarded with food and beverage to keep them going!

Thanks as always to the MCC for allowing us to use Club parking lots and tables.

Connie Harris took requests for curbside pickups and entered pickup locations onto a map for the Expanded Spring Clean-up. Howard Harris and Bill Homanics rented and drove a 26-foot flatbed truck, while seven volunteers rode in the back of the truck and loaded curbside items.


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