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MCA Board Positions

President: Ian Parker (current 2024)

  • Assure the MCA adheres to MCA Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Covenants

  • Work with Secretary to create an agenda for monthly meetings

  • Preside over monthly Board meetings

  • Review/edit minutes and assure they’re available for review prior to the next Board meeting (the sooner the better)

  • Keep projects on track

  • Field queries from residents and others outside Mirrormont          

  • Seek opportunities to make Mirrormont a better place—grants, community building

  • Advocate for Mirrormont’s interests

Secretary: Carrie Mapes

  • Work with the President to create an agenda for the MCA monthly meeting

  • Send to Board members prior to each meeting and ask for any additions or edits

  • Attend each monthly meeting and take the minutes

  • Ask Board members to submit reports if they can’t attend a meeting and add the reports to the final agenda or minutes

  • Circulate the minutes to the Board to determine accuracy and to invite comments/edits

  • Revise according to comments, send final version to the MCA Board, and post it on the website.

  • Manage the election at the annual MCA meeting by introducing each Board candidate and asking for the vote for each position.

Park VP: OPEN POSITIONS Meg Wade and Amin Kees (both stepping down)

  • Communicate with the King County Parks’ maintenance manager and King County Volunteer manager about hours, plans, and any problems in Mirrormont Park.

  • Hold committee meetings with the park stewards and other volunteers. Communicate with Park Stewards about MCA plans, park projects and work parties.

  • This position is supposed to be a communication and organizer position. The Park VP can choose to help and volunteer in the park as well.

  • Attend monthly MCA meetings

  • Park Committee Members to work on play structure: OPEN POSITIONS.  The Park VP is looking for members to help work with King County for a possible park structure and other ideas

Treasurer: Francie Kugelman (current 2024)

  • Keep the books and budget in order for the association. 

  • During the year, write checks, balance the checkbook monthly, and report to the MCA Board at the monthly meetings.

  • Turn in the paperwork to the state and federal governments for continuation of our charitable status. 

  • In December, develop the budget for the next year based on last year’s expenditures.

  • Informally, have the information on MCA’s insurance and call the insurance company with any questions that arise. 

  • Generally, takes about 5 to 10 hours per month. 

Membership VPLynnette Spanola Eastlake (current 2023)

Access database to keep track of the membership. The database may be incorporated into the WiX website to make things more user friendly. So, familiarity with Access is helpful, but not required.

  • Update membership roster throughout the year

  • Update resident list/MCA database with new residents’ contact information, which is provided by the Welcome Committee

  • Send out electronic invoices for MCA dues every spring

  • Send out emails to community about upcoming events

  • Collect mail from post office/ provide bills and membership dues (checks) to Treasurer

  • Provide membership lists for many MCA events

  • Attend monthly MCA meetings

Architecture VP: (This role is currently open, but inquiries are being handled by the President)

The Mirrormont Covenants, the Architectural Committee, and the Architectural Plan Review process seek to serve the Mirrormont Community in the following ways:

  • to allow for consistent application of the Covenants to maintain, protect, and enhance the value, desirability, attractiveness, and unique character of the Mirrormont community

  • to assist each individual property owner within the community to properly plan for their construction process or site improvements

  • to assist property owners in dealing with situations in the community which may be deemed as non-conforming to the Covenants

  • The Committee endeavors to assist all Mirrormont residents on these issues, while also advocating a degree of community responsibility, involvement, and ownership in the process of enforcing the Covenants within our community.

Social Events: Director Kellie Batali

Committee Members to help carry out events OPEN POSITIONS:

The Social Events Director and Committee Members recruit and supervise community volunteers to plan and execute MCA events, and coordinate use of the MCC Clubhouse where needed. Examples include: 

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Summer picnic

  • Halloween Party

  • Shoeboxes of Joy

  • Adult Holiday Social

The goal is to recruit volunteers to run the event; the Social Events Director facilitates the planning and execution and controls the budget. The Social Events Director can certainly plan more events, create new ones as requested by the community, and form a committee to run social events.

A nice rhythm is one MCA event per month. Other MCA events include the MCA Annual meeting (January), Spring Clean-up (May), and Garage Sales.

Web Master: Theresa Solak

  • Maintain website using WiX

  • Email/Communicate with incoming emails.

  • Send out emails to our members

  • Post announcements of MCA events on the website

  • Social media: post about events on Facebook & Instagram

Firewise Director & Committee: Wayne Elson is currently Director. OPEN POSITIONS

To continue to be an official Firewise Community eligible for grants, we need to have a Firewise Committee to work with Wayne to:

  • Review KCD’s August 2022 Mirrormont Community Wildfire Risk Assessment, address questions, determine our priorities and action plan, and finalize the document. The 2015 Community Wildfire Protection Plan for Mirrormont is linked to

  • Organize and manage Firewise events, including workshops, free wildfire risk assessments, and Chipper Days.

  • Prepare announcements for Firewise events and instructions for Chipper Days; post on Nextdoor; work with webmaster to post on website, Facebook, Instagram; work with person in charge of kiosks to post. Definable tasks for Chipper Days include:

  • Tabulator: Collecting sign-up data for Chipper Days and recording hours worked on Firewise projects.

  • Advertiser: Promoting Firewise protection methods and sign-ups for home wildfire risk assessments (for example: emails, fliers, updating info new residents, etc.)

  • Map-maker: Converting sign-ups and addresses requesting chip piles to a map for the chipper contractor.

  • Liaison with KCD and DNR.

  • Apply for grants to fund Chipper Days and/or other Firewise activities.

  • Maintain our official Firewise Community status with NFPA by submitting annual updates/reports.

  • Implement priorities specified in the 2022 update of the Mirrormont Community Risk Assessment and Action Plan.

Spring Clean-up Director: Wendy Atipow

  • Beginning in February, schedule dumpsters, metal recycler, electronics recycler, Goodwill, & big truck with rails (or organize a fleet of volunteers with pickups or trailers)

  • Coordinate with the MCC to schedule the event for use of both parking lots, tables, and restrooms.

  • Report progress/status at MCA monthly meetings between March and June

  • Draft instructions and announcements

  • Coordinate with Pea Patch Plant Sale for space, tents, tables, and chairs

  • Recruit volunteers to check in MCA members and collect dues

  • Provide refreshments for volunteers

  • Manage flow of the event

Immediately—need an Apprentice to shadow Wendy Antipow in 2024.

If you are interested in joining the MCA Board and getting involved in our fun and educational organization, please drop an email to for more information about the post you're interested in. 

Remember, MCA events will not happen unless volunteers take on these positions!

Many thanks!

The MCA Board

Newsletter Editor & Committee: OPEN POSITIONS for the 2025 newsletter beginning in October 2024

  • Meet with the MCA Board in November to begin the process of setting the calendar for upcoming year, determining the slate of Board candidates for the annual election, finding a speaker and setting a date for the annual meeting.

  • Write articles, including profiles of Mirrormont residents

  • Solicit articles and photos from Board members

  • Recruit a few Mirrormont residents to submit articles and photos

  • Solicit Mirrormont businesses and local businesses to place ads

  • Meet regularly with newsletter committee members to brainstorm and coordinate

  • Track all of the above and post final versions of ads, articles, MCA annual calendar, MCA Board candidates, and annual meeting announcement on OneDrive

  • Layout

  • Find a printer and manage the printing and mailing process if funds allow a print version

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