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Locals Take Initiative to Have Fun

I love it when people take the initiative to make Mirrormont an even better place to live. Here are some great examples!

Little Free Library

The Little Free Library that Steve VanHuss crafted for his wife, Heidi Kayler, for a Christmas gift last year made a wonderful contribution to our community. She said she wanted one to match the house. She meant the colors. Steve took it to mean the architecture, which was challenging! So Mirrormont’s first Little Free Library is a chalet, which they named Snowy’s Book Nook after their dog. Since it’s right next to a cute bus stop shelter, there’s also a cozy place to read just across the bridge.

Heidi stocked Snowy’s Book Nook with books for all ages. Over 75 book lovers have signed the guest journal. Recent additions to the library include Atlas of the Universe, Revenge of the Loser, and Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. On Nextdoor, Alissa Williams said, “If anyone feels like crying for 352 pages straight, I just returned The Knitting Circle to the Little Free Library.”

Little Free Libraries are part of a movement to build community, spark creativity, and inspire readers. Check out Snowy’s Book Nook at 26305 SE 156th Pl., take a book, leave a book, and then consider adding a Little Free Library to your part of Mirrormont—see

Variety Show

Heidi and Steve also put on Mirrormont’s First Annual Variety Show at the clubhouse where talented kids and adults entertained us with jokes, magic, funny poems, musical performances, and drums. Steve’s dry wit as emcee brought groans and giggles, “I almost dated a psychic girl once, but she broke up with me before we met.” The clubhouse rocked with rhythms, rhymes, and laughter.

Thanks go to Kristina Garrido for managing the sound system and the creative talents of Kristina, Heidi, Sofia VanHuss, Marnie Webb, Katelyn and Olivia Petite, Josh Villa, Nicoal Berryman, Sally Hansen, and Kiley VanBrero.

Start preparing your act for next year!


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