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A Special Note from the MCA President

Since I moved to Mirrormont in 1988, I’ve loved living here. I cherish the trees, enjoy the diversity of architectural styles, and am grateful for so many kind people who contribute to our community.

I first got involved with the MCA through the Welcome Committee in 2008, when I had the pleasure of meeting Galen and Teresa Trail, among others. Now, I’m delighted to chat with them as they walk Latté or work alongside them at park work parties. It is a challenge for an introvert like me to meet new neighbors, and I confess I struggle to remember names and faces, so I ask your patience as I need repetition.

Over the years, I’ve taken on more responsibilities because I care deeply about Mirrormont and want to help build more community here. I appreciate everyone who steps up to volunteer and weave more threads of goodness throughout the forested fabric of Mirrormont.


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