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The MCC Clubhouse

from “The History of Mirrormont, Chapter Two” by Thomas R. Cole in Mirrormont News, Winter 2001

As more families moved in, they realized the need for recreational facilities closer to home. Part of the Mirrormont lure then was the promise by Woodland Properties (WP) of a clubhouse — but there wasn’t one and it didn’t look like it was going to happen. So, in 1967, a small group decided to push it, and by cajoling, coercion and donated labor, convinced WP to provide the material and construction crews to get it built. The club opened in 1969 to a round of parties, swim meets, sing-a-longs and the like. Then, and for a number of years, club and pool maintenance was all volunteer. The first fence around the pool was made of grapestakes, cut from cedar logs by members down the hill south from the club where many houses now stand.  The pool for many years had a nice children’s slide and diving board, both mandated out of existence by county regulations, The club, which started out with 20 members, now [2001] has 80 with a waiting list. [as of 2017 there were 95 members]

But to some, moving “out in the country” to Mirrormont was their way to get away from it all. These iconoclasts didn’t like the idea of a social organization in their proximity and they tried to stop it. When fliers promoting the club and asking everyone to join were distributed, some went around to pick up and destroy as many as they could. Fortunately, their “bah humbug” attitude was overcome.

Alongside the clubhouse, where the tennis courts are now, the early “settlers” built a baseball diamond with a very nice backstop and level playing fields. Some large trees had to be removed and, of course, these logs became the bleachers. Mirrormont had its own Little League team then, coached by Nick Johnson, father of the only black family in Mirrormont. A tall, imposing man (Boeing employee, of course) he was well-liked by not only the team and parents, but by the other coaches for his leadership in the league.

The ball field was also used for ad hoc fireworks displays every year as most everybody in the community gathered to light up the sky. Finally, the tennis courts were built about 1976.


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