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The First House in Mirrormont

First House: 26004 SE 158th St

The Mirrormont property was a wild and wooly area, no roads, just logging trails. J.J. Welcome Co of Redmond brought in bulldozers and roughed out a road to the first house, which we sold in 1962 to a Washington State Patrolman, Joe Sackman. His was the first house and the first sale. That was the beginning of everything. He lived in Mirrormont for a long time. [Sackman had moved to Wenatchee by 1984 and retired from the State Patrol after 32 years in 2006.]

One day I was driving through Issaquah where the State Patrol had set up a speed trap. I got stopped for speeding – and it was Joe Sackman. He said, “You’re not supposed to be going that fast.” I told him my mind was on other things and I didn’t realize I was speeding. He didn’t give me a ticket. – Rod Loveless, developer of Mirrormont


It seems like it’s been a transient house, with new owners every couple of years. It wasn’t really loved. But we liked the privacy of the lot. We’ve been remodeling for the past seven years — a real labor of love. – Sharon Farrar, current owner as of 2012


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