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How Special Are Your Trees?

A 2013 Issaquah Press article on Mirrormont raved about our “towering,” “colossal” trees and interviewed many residents who moved here because of the trees. In 1995, a competition for the largest tree in Mirrormont awarded a $50 gift certificate at Hayes Nursery to Ken and Susan Munsch for their Sitka Spruce, which measured 15’ 9” circumference 2-feet up from base. The Webley family came in second with a Douglas Fir of 14’ 7” circumference. How much have these trees grown in the past 20 years? Do you have a tree larger than these?

The homeowner with the largest tree, as measured by its circumference 2-feet up from the nearest ground, will receive a $50 gift certificate to Squak Mountain Nursery. The contest winner will be announced at the MCA-MCC annual picnic in August.

Entries must be submitted to by March 1 and are subject to verification. Trees must be alive (no stumps, please) to qualify.


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