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How Mirrormont Got Its Name

The name “Mirrormont” was inspired by the name of a villa in Casablanca, Morocco in North Africa:

“I was stationed in Casablanca at the end of World War II and dating a French girl whose parents had owned a wonderful villa in Casablanca. Their villa had been taken over by the American Army for use as a residence for high-ranking officers stationed in Casablanca. The name was Villa Miramar, which means ‘view of the sea,’ and I had gone there for several parties and receptions. When we were deciding on a name for Mirrormont, I came up with Miramonte, ‘view of the mountain,’ as I had fond memories of my time in Casablanca. But that name had been used a lot before. So we changed it to be like ‘mirror of the mountain’ and dropped the E on monte and that was how it happened.” – Rod Loveless, developer of Mirrormont


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