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Good Neighbors Hide Fences

Best approaches to fence design in Mirrormont

There is an old adage, referenced by the poet Robert Frost, that "good fences make good neighbors." And in Mirrormont, the spirit of our architectural covenants calls for the preservation of the natural wooded landscape.

The intention behind the covenants is to keep the street views feeling like you are within the forest. So when considering adding a fence, think about the design with a slight twist on the adage - hidden fences make good neighbors.

The covenants suggest that fencing be considered an extension of your home, and hidden from the immediate street view. Picture the fence design as an extension of the building, part of the home architecture. At most, it should travel from the house to the back of the lot, respecting property setbacks.

If you're looking to keep your pets contained within your yard, consider wireless electric fences. These are quick to install and can be set at the perimeter of your property. Once pets are trained the fence is truly invisible.

If you're concerned about keeping pets contained, and keeping wildlife out, look for options for black metal fencing. Black metal is durable, and with natural screening planted on either side, will recede into the background, effectively becoming invisible.

If you've moved into a home that has an existing fence, think about the fence appearance with these concepts in mind. Taking down an old fence that is visible from the street will help us restore and retain the unique character of Mirrormont.

The Mirrormont Architectural Committee reviews fence layouts and materials for compliance with the covenants. Please contact us at for questions and design review.


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