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Flying Saucers? Real or Just a False Show?

From The Seattle Times: 




More and more people are beginning to believe in “Flying Saucers,” or U.F.O. as they are officially called. The last two months has brought many reports of sightings of these objects near Issaquah.

Last month, Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Brady were watching television about 8:30 in the evening with the draperies still open Suddenly, a bright red flash went by their window about the size of a tether ball. At first Mrs. Brady thought their roof must be on fire because of the brightness of the light, and such a vivid red. Bu the time the couple could get to the window, it was gone.  The object seemed, to them, to be far away.

The same evening the Oscar Andersons were home and a bright red light settled in their yard. Mr. Anderson spotted it first and called to his wife. To them, it was about three or four feet wide and just “sat there” and glowed the brilliant red color, like a fire. Then, as quick as it had come, it was gone. Mrs. Anderson said it was hard to describe; it was “the funniest thing ever seen.”

In last week’s Seattle Times, Mrs. Burton Ross of Tiger Mountain described her experience with “flying saucers” with the same red glow. Five other witnesses, with Mrs. Ross also saw the mysterious objects. Last Sunday evening, Bruce Tolley saw an odd white light over the Tiger Mountain area that streaked North and had a “tail” with a red glow. The same night, Mrs. Mahlon Set— walked through her darkened house and… toward Tiger Mountain. She saw an odd brilliant light that disappeared suddenly.

There doesn’t seem to be any explanation for these sightings, and they all seem to be described in the same way. If any of you readers have seen one of thee “flying saucers,” please let me know so others may share your experience.

From Rod Loveless, developer of Mirrormont:


People who lived up in Division 2 in a house with a view over the valley looking west. saw this UFO over by a county garbage dump off Issaquah-Hobart Hwy heading west. There was an electrical transmission line that went across. They’d seen this flying saucer on this one evening and it was reported in the paper. We were so interested we brought our kids and sat on Tiger Mountain Road high on the hill where we got a good view looking out in the same direction. We’d been sitting in the car for a while, when my son Bryan says, “Will the real UFO please stand up!” Then they discovered it was some kind of reflection off power lines. So it wasn’t a UFO. There was a reason, something with the transmission lines that went across.


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