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Defining Mirrormont

Is your property “in Mirrormont”? It may seem like a simple question, but the definition of Mirrormont’s boundaries varies, depending on the whether it pertains to (1) Mirrormont’s Restrictive Covenants, (2) Mirrormont Community Association (MCA), or (3) Mirrormont Country Club (MCC).

(1) Mirrormont’s Restrictive Covenants are attached to the title of every deed to properties in Divisions 1 through 5 as platted by the developers in the 1960s. New homeowners receive these Restrictive Covenants at closing and agree to comply with the Restrictive Covenants as part of the terms of closing. The Covenants specify land use, building type, and placement. To help preserve the unique wooded character of Mirrormont, the Restrictive Covenants define setbacks for natural buffer between homes and require that RVs and garbage bins be screened from street view. To help reduce attracting wildlife, the Restrictive Covenants prohibit livestock and poultry.

If you were too caught up in the frenzy of signing papers and moving, or want to remind yourself of your legal restrictions, you can find our Covenants and Architectural Guidelines at

This map is from the developers’ brochure announcing the opening of Division 5. It shows the boundaries and divisions of Mirrormont Estates as they were platted in the 1960s. Note that Division 1, “the boot,” was the first section to be developed. Although furthest from the front entrance, it had the best views of Mt. Rainier; most lots were fairly level and easy to build on.

It’s fun to notice that, before King County took over management of our roads, some streets had more evocative names. SE 146th Street was named SE Forest Drive and SE 159th St was SE Squire Lane. The longer portion of SE Mirrormont Blvd was formerly known as SE Hillside Drive; the developers expected to get easement rights to connect it to what is now Mirrormont Blvd’s cul-de-sac by the front entrance (see dotted line road). A school was never built on the School Site, which later became Mirrormont Park.

(2) The Mirrormont Community Association (MCA) defines Mirrormont more broadly. Over the past 60 years, homes have been built on properties beyond the developers’ Divisions 1–5, many of which are accessed via the two main entrances to Mirrormont. In 1993 the Mirrormont Articles of Incorporation were amended to help further define the role of the MCA, and to support the immediate adjacent areas of the original Mirrormont plats.

The MCA allows members from original plats and the immediate adjacent areas, including Mirror Lake and homes between Mirrormont and Tiger Mountain Road.

Section 2.1 Amended in 1993 to read: Goals and Purposes: The Mirrormont Community Association has, as its exclusive purpose the promotion of the common good and general welfare of the residents of the Mirrormont, Colleen and Haas precincts, and immediately adjacent areas (herein, collectively, “Mirrormont”), located within King County, Washington.”

These additions regarding the goals and purposes for the MCA are separate from the Restrictive Covenants attached to home title.

The purpose of the MCA was further clarified to reflect the promotion of civic betterments and social improvements, general welfare (health, safety, education, culture, recreation, comfort, and convenience), maintenance of public services and facilities within the vicinity of Mirrormont, and promoting the social welfare including lessening tensions and combating community deterioration.

This map shows the Mirrormont’s five divisions within the three 2022 voting precincts, Hass, Colleen and Mirrormont. The boundaries of precincts can be redrawn periodically to reflect population growth.

This map shows the platted boundaries of Mirrormont in red and those homes outside those boundaries that are in the MCA database in yellow.

(3) Mirrormont Country Club (MCC) is a private club independent of the MCA with a pool for members’ use. In King County, pools are classified as “limited use” or “general use” with specific requirements tied to each category ranging from building requirements to life safety. As a limited-use pool, King County requires the definition of specific neighborhood boundaries for Mirrormont, which correspond to Divisions 1-5, the original plats of Mirrormont. These are the same plats that have the Mirrormont Restrictive Covenants attached to home title. Please see Mirrormont Map with Divisions and Precincts


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