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Bus Stop No. 1

From “The History of Mirrormont, Chapter Two” by Thomas R. Cole in Mirrormont News, Winter 2001

It stands on the corner of 266th Ave. SE and SE 162nd Pl., down in the back southeast corner of Mirrormont, a lonely shack-like structure, built more than 35 years ago [about 1966], the last of its kind. But far from being forlorn, this school bus shelter is in remarkable shape for its age, obviously cared for by neighborly parents — sturdy, covered with roofing, and sporting a proud sign, “Bus Stop No. 1.”

Neighbors, far between but sociable in 1965 (it rained more then, I swear), decided to shelter their sprouts from the “wilderness.” A group of the fathers gathered to build 10 of the shelters in the Cole’s side driveway using wood donated by Woodland Properties, the originators of Mirrormont.  After consulting with the school administration, the shelters were carted all over the area on the back of pickup trucks. They remained in service for years, but time and vandalism took its toll and so now the “sprouts” once again wait for the buses out in the open – except for the corner of 266th Ave. SE and SE 162nd Pl.


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