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After You Play, Put it Away

When you think of the MCA, it’s likely volunteer-powered events from Halloween parties to Chipper Week that come to mind.

If you’ve served on the MCA Board, you may know the other side:

Quite frequently it’s the Complaint Department.

It’s true, Mirrormont residents turn to the MCA and the Architectural Review Committee for help with neighbor disputes and concerns about the community.


Number One Complaint:

Increase in RVs visible from the street.


The underlying concern is that neighbors are not aware of the Covenants (Rules), which have specific provisions regarding what can and cannot be done on your property. These rules are attached to the title of each individual property. The MCA Architectural Review Committee is charged with maintaining consistency and educating the community about the Covenants, and what is and isn’t allowed on the property.  


After a visual survey of our neighborhood, about 10% of residents are not complying with the Covenants, and have RVs, trailers, boats or temporary structures visible from the street.


For those with complaints/concerns: We hear you.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the Covenants through friendly reminder campaigns like this – so that people with RVs (and people thinking about buying one) know the rules and can plan accordingly.

For those with RVs that have built garages, added screening and follow the rules: Thank you.

We appreciate your diligence and commitment to following the Covenants and maintaining the character of Mirrormont.

For those without garages and screening for RVs: Let’s start on a plan.

Please take the time to consider your neighbors. Check to see whether your vehicle is in view from the street – or your neighbor’s house. Consider moving it to a location that is less visible. Then think about a plan: whether it is a fence, natural screening, or a garage addition. Tarps are not acceptable forms of screening the RV, and temporary structures are not allowed. You may be asked to remove them.

Let’s work together to preserve the character of Mirrormont. If you would like help with planning and compliance, contact the Architecture Review Committee at

Thank you,

Mirrormont Community Association Board


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