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MCA Agenda for February 2022

Community Meetings occur the first Tuesday of every month

7pm - 8:30pm

Next meeting: February 1, 2022

MCA Community Meeting Agenda for February, 2022

Microsoft Teams meeting

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a. 2022 Annual Meeting: held in January 25th.

b. Diversity: Strategies to diversify board & encourage engagement –

  • Ian and Lana will partner to form a survey draft. Group to send suggestions to Ian. Ian and Lana to collate.

c. 2022 Board Open Positions (3 current open positions)

  • Safety Director; Spring Clean-up Apprentice; Events Committee position

d. Newsletter follow-up (sent out to residents first week of January)

e. Community Safety Concerns

  • Ian to contact barracks in Maple Valley Sheriff’s station to discuss their recommendations and feasible options.

f. Finalized list of 2022 events

g. Incorporating the current access database into the website: not discussed

Lana to follow-up with Larry on how to structure

h. Fire Station impact on community safety and insurance rates (Ian)

  • Fire station 78 is 4.6 miles away, about a 12-minute response time

  • Suggestion to file a request with current fire station for increased staffing.

  • Ian will follow-up with fire chief

i. Matt Axe Firewise Pruning Demo (Wayne Elson) Confirm March 26th date

j. Snow Removal

  • Ian to write letter to Regan Dunn & John Taylor, Roads department. To send to Amin & Meg for edits. Then send to board prior to sending it out.


a. Trash collection & January dumpster rental

b. Mirrormont Road Conditions (topic request from annual meeting)


a. Membership:

b. Park: Amin & Meg

c. Treasury: Jen/Kim

d. Architectural Report - Mirrormont Architectural Review Committee:


a. Community Events: Lana Bear, Jen Inman, Michelle Ryberg, Heather Wong

b. Welcome Program: Connie Harris

c. Pea Patch: Linda Shepherd


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