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Infrastructure: Distances

Distances Measured by Tom Cole

Walking or Driving Around Mirrormont:

  1. One of the main walking routes, at least for those living at the “top” of Mirrormont, is the “boot” (aka “sock”). This loop runs from the corner of 152ndand 263rd, down 263rd, around the curves and back up 260th to 152nd This is almost exactly 1.5 miles, although it seems longer.

  2. Another asked for distance is the “horseshoe loop” up 258thfrom the corner of 152nd and back around and down to 152nd That’s a paltry one-half mile.

  3. From the Mirrormont Country Club down to the main entrance is exactly one mile.

  4. From the fire station, it almost exactly two miles down to the front entrance of Mirrormont, no matter which way you go, down 152nd, or down 154thand SE Mirrormont Dr.

  5. From the fire station to Issaquah-Hobart Rd, it is the same 2.2 miles via Tiger Mountain Road toward Issaquah or via 152nd to the front entrance.

Moving on to the Outside World:

  1. It is five miles from Mirrormont Country Club to the Newport Way stoplight by the Boehm pool.

  2. From the fire station, it’s just over six miles to the Sunset Way stoplight, then another 1.5 miles to Fred Meyer; however, from the front entrance to Freddie is 6.2 miles.

  3. If you want to shop in Covington, go down Tiger Mtn Rd. to SR-18 and it’s 11.5 miles. However, it’s only 3.5 miles to the Hobart Store, and that’s a pretty nice store also—plus, they have a Post Office that rarely has a line!


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